Successful relationships are built on how well people understand one another’s objectives and concerns, and work collaboratively to address them.  Too often, legal services are driven by the billable hour, not the client’s overall best interests. Burns & Levinson is different.

Combining deep industry knowledge in the markets we serve with experienced legal judgment, we offer legal advice based on the big picture. Our mission is first to understand the many facets of your business and your life, and then to become strategic partners in your long-term business and personal success.

While growth in the legal industry has become commonplace, we remain by design an authentic mid-sized firm: large enough to offer the services you need, and small enough to provide the personal attention you deserve. We are proud to serve as legal counsel for dynamic, growth-oriented enterprises, including privately and publicly held companies, start-ups, emerging growth enterprises and family businesses, along with their management teams and financing sources; colleges, universities and other public institutions; as well as entrepreneurs, scientists and individuals facing career and personal challenges.