May 2022

Jason Sidman CannaBusiness Spotlight

Jason Sidman CannaBusiness Spotlight

The CannaBusiness Advisory Spotlight Series features expert perspectives from Burns & Levinson clients and contacts who are blazing new trails in the cannabis market.

This week we spotlight Jason Sidman, CEO of Sanctuary Medicinals, a vertically-integrated, multi-state cannabis company with operations in Florida, New Hampshire and Massachusetts as well as a medical dispensary license in New Jersey.

From your corner of the cannabis industry, what’s the single greatest challenge right now?

There are many challenges in this industry, as well as many opportunities. From where I sit, one of the most significant challenges is operating across multiple states with different and distinct regulations. What works as a best practice in Massachusetts may not be compliant with regulators in Florida, and this applies to everything from product testing and approvals to opening new locations, wholesale, marketing, and beyond.

How does your business solve issues related to this challenge?

Sanctuary is rapidly expanding into new markets, bringing our high-quality, award-winning products to patients and consumers across multiple states, and we have assembled a strong team to help us navigate state and local regulatory requirements. Every municipality is different, and it’s critical we have the best talent in place to remain … Keep reading